You probably have wondered how celebrities can be so perfect in front of the camera. Flawless skin? Check. Silky hair? Check. Good make-up? Check. Pearly white teeth? Check. Surely, some of these celebrities have gone through some changes with their physical appearance, and some of these changes are actually intentional. Of course, celebrities need to be always presentable when they are in front of people, and this is why a lot of them undergo some surgeries and cosmetic dentistry. You probably have heard celebrities getting on some instant smile veneers that enable them to smile very confidently.  

The following are the popular celebrities whose teeth are veneers. 


1.Tom Cruise 

Who does not know Tom Cruise? No one. But do you know that Tom Cruise is one of the celebrities with veneers? When he was just starting in the industry, Cruise had misaligned and discolored teeth, and in order to e presentable in his movies and films at Hollywood, he needed to fox these teeth imperfections. He had gone different dental procedures like whitening and straightening aside from veneers.  


2.Niall Horan 

Niall Horan started in Hollywood after his audition in X-Factor. Before, this young actor was wearing braces. And after having some procedures in cosmetic dentistry, Niall Horan has now a very bright smile. 


3.Zac Efron 

Zac started his career at Disney Channel, and although he is now a very handsome actor, known by all ladies, he once had some imperfect and uneven teeth. In fact, he also had an observable gap between his teeth. He fixed these through cosmetic dentistry.  


4.Emma Roberts 

Emma Roberts started her career in Hollywood when she was still small. After losing some baby teeth, the young Emma decided to whiten and straightened her teeth through veneers, which she now wears today. 


5.Nicolas Cage 

As part of his role in the film titled Birdy in the year 1984, the actor had two teeth pulled. And as he got more prominent in Hollywood, he knew that he needed to fix his teeth to be more confident and presentable. To fix his smile, he had veneers on his teeth, which served him up until now. 


6.Emma Watson 

Emma Watson started to become famous in her popular series as a starring actress of Harry Potter. Although she had good teeth, these were small, and she later decided to whiten and straightened them that resulted in her beautiful smile today.  


7.Ben Affleck 

Ben Affleck has always been handsome since he was young, and this is why he was able to get multiple roles. But before he got famous at Hollywood, Ben had a pair of buck teeth, and to fix them, he needed to undergo cosmetic dentistry. His excellent teeth play a role in his major films such as Batman vs. Superman and Daredevil.  


8.Miley Cyrus 

Miley Cyrus has been one of the popular actresses and singers of today. She started when she was still small on the Disney Channel. After leaving Disney, she decided to get veneers that resulted in a very gorgeous pair of white teeth.